Dolcecos | Grill it, Fill it or Dip it | Grown in East Gippsland Victoria | A refreshing crunch with a sweet flavour | Baby Cos Lettuce

A refreshing crunch with a sweet flavour
Family owned and grown in Victoria
Harvested at the peak of freshness
Dolcecos. Grill it, fill it, dip it

Australian Grown Baby Cos Lettuce

Australian Grown Baby Cos Lettuce



Where to Buy

Where to Buy

Welcome to Dolcecos

Dolcecos is a premium variety of baby cos lettuce that is grown on a family owned farm in East Gippsland, Victoria and available from a large number of fresh fruit and vegetable outlets throughout Australia.

With a refreshing crunch and sweet flavour, hence the name "dolce", this unique baby cos lettuce variety has compact uniformally cupped leaves and is highly versatile for a range of uses outside the salad bowl.

Visit our Recipes section for some great serving suggestions, or find your nearest Dolcecos stockist by visiting our
Where To Buy section.

Grill it, Fill it or Dip It.  Just try it today!

Australian Distributor

Melba Fresh Pty Ltd

Head Office
12-16 Dexter Drive

Epping 3076 Victoria

Phone: +61 3 9401 1188
Fax: +61 3 9408 3470

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